Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sunday Run

UNLESS there are major objections, let's say 9am Sunday at Patapsco for a long run. This is 9am in the trail, not 9am arrive (of course I reserve the right to be late - ha just kidding).

Any later and it will likely be too hot and half the day is killed; any earlier and, well, we have to wake up earlier.

The plan will be for 120-135 minutes, and proposed route will be the following: Reverse 8.25 loop into the Reverse 11 loop. We'll come back down the brutal hill we normally run up at 2.5 miles and head back as if we were going to go to the trailhead. Instead, we'll head down the path and pick up that other trail (under the train, it's like a mile long). We'll do a loop around the power lines thing and then come down the Bull Run hills or some other means. I think that should do it. This of course leaves options for much shorter runs, and should allow us to stop for water at least once.

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