Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Stupidest. Woman. Ever.

You thought some of us *cough*Barf*cough* trained all willy-nilly? Then read a little about this lady. Her name is Michelle, she is 39 and lives in Indiana. She posts her training log on the same site I do (http://www.running2win.com). I read it with a great amount of umbrage because I've seen her put in 100 mile weeks...on the TREADMILL.

That's right. This lady apparently has asthma and runs her 15 miles a day on the treadmill. I cannot even fathom this. Not even doing it once. She'll run workouts on the treadmill, run on it twice a day, it's crazy. The picture of her in the above article says it all. She clearly has some serious issues.

I'm trying to find her blog, the author of the article makes mention of it. I can only imagine how great it is. Also, I really like the big quotes and then the subtext beneath them in this article. Totally mid-west.

Ultimately I'm not going to hate on her accomplishments; she is a quick runner and should be praised. But I am going to hate on her for being pretty full of herself and for running that much on a treadmill.

Also, I like how Kip is making this blog like his blog now, posting things not related to running. Just kidding Kip, post whatever you like.


kipchirchir said...

Ryan, dont make me spear you.

Christine said...

Most obnoxious interviewee at the least!

Christine said...

Also, I find this post a little . . . xenophobic. People from the mid-west have feelings too!

RM said...

Yeah she's pretty obnoxo. Disliking people from the Midwest isn't xenophobia, it's hickophobia! Ha

And Kip, you will do no such thing. All the super nice things I do for you, you are never allowed to spear me!