Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Obama looks like Curious George?

The guy selling these T-Shirts said "Look at [Obama]. . . the hairline, the ears — he looks just like Curious George."

Read the article and see what its all about.

Here is something interesting though. The results of the poll at the bottom of the article asking whether this is "racist" or "fine" shows an even split. In fact, at some point, "its fine" was winning.

This guy should join TWSS.


Alex said...

I don't see what the big deal is. I mean people used to say W looked like a monkey all the time what this his pointy ears and whatnot. So what - just because Obama is black you can't call him a monkey? Why? Just because there's a history of racism there? That's not fair. Just because some (all) white people from 100 years ago (or beginning of time through yesterday) were racist and called black people monkeys then that mean s I can't express MY racism however I want without being called a racist? What's next? I can't leave the union and stop paying my taxes?

Speaking of leaving the union - on the NYTimes I read that of the W.V. population (95% white, 70% did not attend college) that voted in the democratic primary yesterday (the go-getters) 20% said race was an issue in deciding their vote. Of those who said it was they overwhelmingly voted for Hillary.

So can we like kick them out or something? And take their land because it's some beautiful country out there.

Andy G said...

Yes we can.

kipchirchir said...

Hmm ... why do they categorize whites, as educated, uneducated, working, non-working etc then for blacks, they are just black?

America is controlled by the old folks. You and I dont have a say until we are there. In fact, I dont even have a say, I cant vote ... I also pay taxes but will never get any stimulus checks!

THE KRIS said...

that sucks kip, my check is currently stimulating my checking account. also, i imagine that it's just expected that all black people are uneducated and unworking. welcome to america!

RM said...

Wait - there are educated blacks??

Terence aka LT said...

Wait, why hasn't my checking account been stimulated???

Ryan, WE HAVE OPERA!!! But then again, white people consider her white dipped in chocolate... :)

RM said...

Ha, T, you mean Oprah and yes, you do have her. She is by no means white. I don't want her on my team. Reminds me of the Racial Draft on Chappelle's Show...ha!