Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Hero of the Week - Chris Nowakowski

I am not trying to undermine everyone's performance this past weekend. We all know everyone did awesome out there.

Hands down to Chris Nowakowski though. Here is why: Chris wakes up in the morning to get ready for Broad Street 10 miler, gets attacked by two huge dogs while getting breakfast inside his friends house (check out the scratches on his back and the bites on his hand), manages to scream really loud (while Sean McCarthy slept sound) and fend off the dogs then run the 10 miler afterwards in 51:12! Chris, you are my hero.


Terence aka LT said...

You are also my hero! Fighting off two ferocious DOGS is on the same line as a fire fighter to me... I know who im running with on Mondays now. Thanks Chris my new "pick"

RM said...

Yeah, Chris is no joke. I forgot about the dog incident when I awarded the PDAW, but, then again, Chris ran 51:12 after a dog attack, I'm sure he'll run something out of this world when he isn't attacked. Awesome job Chris!