Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sunday Long Run

Alright, a few people expressed interest, so let's get it poppin'. We're supposed to have Spence's going away party on Saturday night, so I don't want to go any earlier than 8. So far I have OJ, Jeff and Kris in for this run - if you're interested, post in the comments section. Wanna call it 8:30 am at Patapsco? I'll probably try to do around 15, but definitely not fast, I'd like to keep it around 7 minute pace.

Also, if you're planning on running tomorrow, since I will NOT be running, just make sure to look out for one another. 6pm from Canton Square or 6:30pm from the store. I may try and make it out next Wednesday for one of the runs, we'll see.


Johnnie Cochran said...

I will be there. Party and run. RM, what time does the shin-dig begin, and what should I be, a cow-boy or an indian?

RM said...

Oh yeah, that's right you're home this weekend. We need to confirm with Arjun, his birthday celebration may wind up being Friday night instead of Saturday due to his parents coming to town or something. I'll try and get to the bottom of that today. As far as Saturday goes, if there is no "party", we'll just see where Spence wants to go out. He lives on Patterson Park Drive so maybe somewhere in Fells or Canton, not sure what time. I'll holler.