Monday, May 5, 2008

This Week on My Blog

Sup peeps. Great job everyone - amazing weekend of racing. I'm going to see if I can start running on Mondays now that my injury has been quite for a while. So I'll see everyone tonight. I'm excited to meet the new guys who are coming out and throwing down some sick times.

Thanks for all the hits and support for my 'new' blog. I've been trying to pull a lot of stuff from all the listservers I'm on and websites I read.

This week:

A girl from Standford gets the crap kicked out of her in a DMR - takes 3rd
Results from the LSV pro cycling team
My friend Kelley's Boston Race report (3:13)
Big Wheel Races (we're doing this!)
A new song of the week from the UK
Props to you guys

Still to come:

Video blog from the Jelly Belly Pro cycling team
A bunch of people running around in gorilla suits
My friend bikes across the country
The Italians make the best candy bar EVER
And eventually some videos of me crashing my fixie trying to do tricks

Peace Kids,

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