Friday, April 25, 2008

Training Trip

Alright, Kip and I were talking tonight and we are getting psyched. We are planning a summer full of road trip racing, culminating with our November 2nd New York City Marathon plans.

I've discussed with Jake before, I don't know if he lives as close to cool stuff as he once did, but he may be back there in the summer. Our idea is this: extended weekend of training, maybe a Thursday to Tuesday, or something similar, in Vermont in the summer with no distractions - just training. For Kip, this means something like 100-120 miles, for me it might mean 90 in the timespan. If we do it right, we could incorporate one of two HUGE races in the summer:

Utica Boilermaker 15k (NY), July 12
Falmouth Road Race 7.5 miles (wherever Falmouth is), second week of August

OR we could fly out to Mammoth Lakes maybe, where Ryan Hall lives/trains, or somewhere in Arizona that's at an altitude that would be manageable for a week and we wouldn't really need to get too accustomed to it. Stay tuned.


Johnnie Cochran said...

My vote would be for Utica.
Massachussets can derelict my balls!

THE KRIS said...

i'm in. i mean, i'll see what's going on with work. no, i mean i'm in.