Wednesday, April 23, 2008

TNT #1 (Austria)

I did TNT, too! Yay!

But it was miserable weather. It usually doesn't rain here continuously for more than an hour, but yesterday it rained about four hours straight. So, I was pretty much soaked all the way through in the first 10-15 minutes, but we (two friends who are faster than me and I) did:

3000m, 4 minutes rest
2000m, 3 minutes rest
5x1000m, 2 minutes rest

Actually, I am a pansy and the 3000m killed me, so I only made it 1200m of the 2000m, and then decided to do only 800m of each 1000m. Their coach was like, "You should have only done 2000m of the 3000m, and then you'd be fine." Duh. Thanks. But I like to aim high.

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