Sunday, April 27, 2008

Results Are In!

As we continue to roll forward with spring, there are more and more races to be found, more of us racing, and more of us racing fast. With most of the preliminary results from the weekend in hand (Port to Fort being the exception, and they are pretty terrible about posting so I may not get them for a day or two), here we go:

St. Anthony's Triathlon - uber competitive Olympic distance race in Florida. Alana went down and stomped it, running the fastest time of the day by an age grouper, and if you include the elite amateur competitors (not quite pro but pretty darn close) she had the 10th fastest run. She finished 2nd in the 20-24 age group to boot. Oh, and did I mention she was apparently hit by a car just the other day and spent the night in the hospital? I feel like that alone is worthy of the PDAW, but there was another great performance that earned it, so we'll have to give her something else.

Vienna City Marathon - Brian Godsey and team Ubsersehrhchteaerhaienfenenfeoein or whatever they're called took on all relay teams and won, handily, in the excellent time of 2:14:14. The overall winner still ran over 6 minutes faster. But great job regardless, and apparently you have a road mile next weekend so good luck!

Pike's Peek - Quasi-great morning for this race. I wasn't entirely in the mood to race, after my 96 mile day on the bike yesterday, but never one to back down, drove to the race with Kris. Last night I was pretty sure the race started at 8, but I let Kip trick me into thinking it started at 8:30. We got there at 7:35 and found out the race did indeed start at 8. Cut the warmup short, we both raced in trainers (which was for another reason) and met up with Eric, saw Kyle, and found Chrissie in the race. I was really impressed by everyone's performances, as Kyle took 13th overall in 31:44, Old Man Berardi ran 34:08 for 2nd old guy (coincidentally that is the same time I ran in 2003), Kris snuck in under 36 on chip time (35:59), Chrissie ran a PR at 36:19 and finished 5th overall, and Eric ran faster than he thought, going 37:15.

Then Kris and I ran the miserable 6.2 miles back to the car. It was stinky. But not as stinky as the Dunkin Donuts we went to afterwards. Or the traffic on 495.

From Port to Fort, I heard Ryan Schmidt ran 21:45 (17:55 through 5k) which is very good, and I'm not sure if anyone else raced.

But the Purple Drink Athlete of the Week goes to none other than Dave Berdan. He came off a solid 5000m performance at Raleigh a few weeks ago, and then put that to good use at the Penn Relays 10,000m, running a near-30 second PR (29:36). That's pretty awesome. Congrats Dave.

Schedule for the week is pretty much the same as usual, Tuesday's workout I'll decide later today and post, probably be a little different for us running Broad St. Wednesday I'll probably try and run from my house/Canton, if my legs are recovered, and then Friday is an easy day at the Park - no more than the 8.25 slow for me. I'll also send final details for our trip to Philly.


kipchirchir said...

FYI - Dave won the Olympic Development 10k at Penn Relays. They combined College Men Championships and OD though ...

THE KRIS said...

congrats dave, for running a great time... again by great time, i mean that when i heard it, i wasn't sure of the distance. it sounded like one of my 5 mile times, but was clearly too fast for 10k. congrats are also due to chrissie for running a pr without training for it, and ryan for being strong enough to ride about 100 miles and bounce back with a 10k time that my no-riding, taking-saturday-off ass could barely beat. oh, and for reals, the dd smelled like poop.