Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Broad Street Update

I just sent an email to those this affects, but here it is on the blog:

I have a reservation at the Loews Philadelphia Hotel. The rate, through, was $199. I'll probably get hit with a million dollars for taxes, and this doesn't include parking, but none of them do. It is located very close to City Hall, and lots of other cool things. Plus it's just a block or two away from Broad Street, so if we weren't racing we would be in a perfect position for spectating.

I wanted to book at the Latham Hotel in Rittenhouse Square. Looked really unique, $159/night, but only had queen beds and after last year at PDR I'd prefer to have 2 beds rather than 1. I got that price on Great location, though.

Also on was Hilton Garden Inn at $153/night. Looked like a decent option, a little farther away from things than I like so I scratched it.

For those who are onboard for the weekend of activities, we'll leave Baltimore around 9:30 am on Saturday and head to UDel, where Arjun and Kip are planning on racing (go to to register). We'll need to leave sometime around 3 to ensure we get to the expo in time. Kip, this may mean we have to miss your 5k, but we'll figure it out. After the expo we'll check in at the hotel, then get dinner and chill out.

Sunday the race starts at 8:30 am. We'll need to park by the finish line, and take the train up to the start. Or, someone who isn't racing might be nice and caravan us to the start. Either way, we'll need to be on the road by 7, and up there no later than 7:45. Once we're done, we'll hit the road from there, which I figure will be around 11 am. If everyone's okay with it, we'll stop at UDel and grab a quick bit before continuing on.


Andy G said...

The train is a good option. When I ran it with Will there seemed to be plenty of parking by the stadiums (finish) and it was a quick ride to the start. It's probably a lot easier than trying to drive up to the start because of road closings and such. The people spectating sucked most of the way... so much so in fact that I yelled at them to start cheering for everyone or go home. Bunch of bitches. It was literally dead quiet before I got to them, and there were a bunch people too.

Anyway... Godd luck to everyone!

Terence aka LT said...

Thanks Champ! I'll remember to run with my pepper spray, bet they start yelling then... :)

Terence aka LT said...
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