Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I Have the Power!

Haha, I love being the author and having the capabilities of editing whatever the F I feel like. For instance, last year I posted after every Tuesday workout and called it TNT # ___. Jake has now taken that liberty, so I am going to go in each week and edit it to say TNT # __ (Vermont). It is pretty cool though that TNT has satellite workouts.

Great post by Kris, especially the part about judging white people. I hate honkeys.

As usual I have a boatload of things I want to write, so I promise to make it quick.

Great job Dave Berdan, running what I believe is a PR in the 1500m (3:54.72) and winning the race by 3/100th of a second. I also hear you're running the 5000m at Penn this week so good luck and let us know how it goes. Phebe also ran really well and it's crazy that she was on the billboards, which I definitely saw on TV.

OJ and I went down to Virginia for the Kinetic Sprint Triathlon this weekend. It was miserable. The temp was manageable at 58 but the rain was coming down harder than Jenna Jameson. The water temp was 63. The bike was very challenging as we made our way through flooded roads and pelting rain. The run wasn't bad, at that point the rain felt like cotton balls. I was tempted to give the PDAW to the two of us for putting up with those conditions, but since I held the window of opportunity open for those doing Boston, our Purple Drink Athlete of the Week award goes to:

Collin Anderson, for breaking through and getting under 3 hours finally at a marathon - and Boston no less. His splits were phenomenally even, and he stuck to his race plan. 2:58:57 is a fantastic time, and now the sky's the limit.

So Pike's Peek is Sunday, I'll be sending an email out to those I know are registered.

As far as OUR Tuesday Night Track, small group tonight, tough workout. 3x2000m (Spider did 4) at 10k race pace with 2:00 recovery. I don't think I was quite recovered from the weekend's race and probably should have avoided this workout, fortunately it wasn't too quick that it will kill me.

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