Tuesday, April 22, 2008

TNT # 2 (Vermont)

To those skeptical about green mountain, see my second comment on that article.

Anyway, TNT #2 was a ball buster. Solo workouts are hard, long (thats what she said) and boring (that is also what she said).

Anyway 8X1,000 Two minute jog rest. On the dirt track.

3:20 (way too fast)

Yeah, so i kinda died. It was pretty hard to keep motivated out there by myself when the going got rough on numbers 6,7,8. But in retrospect that is 8,000 meters in 27:31, which wouldn't be half bad. Once again, it isn't the aerobic thing as much as a speed thing. My legs simply aren't comfortable running fast right now.

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RM said...

Dude that's a monster workout this early in the season. As I recall, we've done that workout each of the last two summers, but much later - like August. In fact, you were at the one last year I believe. Good times, I feel like last year, on a ridiculously hot day and with :60 rest, we were running around or over 3:30. Great job buddy, I bet you could pop an 8k under 28 for sure, try and find a race!