Sunday, January 6, 2008

I Have Failed You All

So I fear I have disappointed our team namesake. I was in the line in airport security this morning and the TSA woman comments on the postertube I was carrying my conference presentation in:

"That's a pretty big tube you got there"

I can't even imagine the face I made. I was trying so hard not to blurt out TWSS I think I was twitching and I couldn't say anything. I think even she realized what she had said and we just awkwardly parted ways as I tried to keep it together. I'm pretty sure that doing it would have been the wrong thing but it would have felt *so* good.



fbg said...

I'm sorry, I don't know you, Alex, but I feel like I do, so I'm going to comment on your last sentence:

It *would* have felt really good, if the tube was big enough.

I also am a bit leery of messing with TSA because they can hold you in their little coffee break room for hours if you even sneeze like a terrorist. But to TWSS a TSA rep would be sweet. Next time, man, next time...

gladfelter said...

There is no way I would have controlled myself. I would still be in the coffee shop.