Monday, January 7, 2008

'08 Goals, '07 Recap

In 2006 I massed a total of 750 miles, most of in the first half of the year. After taking 3 months off to sit for my PE exam in the fall, I rounded the year healthy & in shape.

I hit the ground hard in late 2006/early 2007, massing 825 +/- miles to train for the miserable rain dance (Nov 06-Boston 07)... No let up afterwhich, & in the first half of 2007 I had run over 1000 miles (a pace to increase 95% total yearly mileage from previous best year 1050 miles).

Then June 16th I destroyed my hamstring... I tried to run through it, & I did... it sucked. Through July I had 1185 miles in 2007...

After July this year I was pretty well done. I mean it went south, way south. Hamstring/IT band/motivation/conditioning/heart...

I tried to bounce back but the 22.5 miles w/ a DFN @ Marine Corp was the last straw as a stress fracture my foot developed let loose its' pain...

Total mileage last 3 months of year (104)...

On a good note, I ended the year w/ about 1440 miles (a 37% increase from any previous year total). I competed in about 10 races, where I set PR's in the 5K, 5M, & 10K. I actually Puked before/during/after about 4 races...barf you. I straight up rabbited two races (one for 500meters w/ kip, 1 for a mile in a 10k). I was lucky enough to act like Kip & Godsey crossing the tape first in a 10k. That was cool! But the best thing was NOT setting a PR in Boston by 21 seconds... kindling anyone...?

My 2008 running goals are as follows:
1) Stay healthy
2) Improve flexibility
3) Increase Core Strength & upper & lower back strength
6) KILL Z's Race
8) Baltimore/NYC Marathon?
9) Listen to my body & stay healthy...

I'm clawing my way back... See you out there



kris said...

looking forward to having you back, and if it makes you feel any better, i had about 6 miles more than you, without taking any injury time.

Joel said...

Great job DK - your going to murder some early season races!