Friday, January 4, 2008

What I Call, "BG 2008: Brian's Goals 2008"

I like where you're going with this, Elf. I also intend to run more miles. As Elf so astutely noticed recently, I had a big goose egg for January. Elf thinks I just forgot to log, and that may be true, but I sure didn't run much. I started slowly in February, and if I remember correctly I was still out of shape in April when I met up with an Austrian baller and picked it up pretty good.

I intend to run more races in 2008, but I set the bar high in 2007 by running three. Yes, I ran three 5ks in August and September, one in Ohio and two here in Austria. Jerry C beat me at the first one, which is unprecedented for races above 3k, except for that one time at Penn Relays in 2002 by one second, and I claim mono.... but I digress. That won't happen again. I'd like to keep my hundred-something-to-one win-loss ratio at 5k and above intact.

Really those goals are insignificant compared to my main goal. I just want to break some fools, bust some heads, roll out on some dudes that don't have a clue, sneak a couple of W's, wind up my body and mind with sick training and then unwind on some unsuspecting foreign dude, or maybe Chris Reis. Either way, even though my will has weakened in the past couple of years, it's still there, and I can still taste what it's like when the perfect race plan, the one that sees no faces, only opponents, and hears only footsteps and the finish line approaching, unrolls into some sort of freeform creative act of will. My goal is to turn one race into a work of art, and needless to say, I'm excited.

Don't come to Austria to race me; you won't like what you see. That means you, Bitok. No, seriously, if you come here and beat me I'll probably start crying and never run again.

Good luck, all.


kris said...

i for one am more than happy to fly to austria to see brian-kip-death-match-o-rama-'08. maybe somebody can think up a shorter name for that.

RM said...

BG vs KB would be pretty sick, but why fight each other when we can form the sickest team of all time for next year's Club XC Nationals?! Bri, I know you're going to kill it this year, your km splits have been awesome (but I wish you would do it in miles) and you've been back in the high 60s, which for December is RIDIC. You definitely need to come home and smash CTREIS.

kipchirchir said...

Only if they grant me a visa to enter Austria! ... they dont let Kenyans anywhere nowadays. You are running some 90K per week in December? Thats HOT.

Joel said...

Kip - that's crazy your stuck playing w/ sombreros & tequilla. It's just a good thing Elf threw a sweet Mexican Ganksta Party a few months back. Without practicing your mexistash cape gettup you may not have survived this long. I think Natty Bro & dirty sanchez helped too. Way to train early!

Get back safe Kip

Joel said...

just fyi... you guys are f'n stellar. add berdan on this list & i am total envy.

f everything