Sunday, January 13, 2008

Indoor Track Meet - 1/13 Results

Wow, if this meet didn't remind you exactly of a high school meet, not only because it was mostly high school kids but also cause it took FOREVER, I don't know what would.

Barf, Alex and I made our way down to the PG Complex in scenic Landover, MD, and met up with Doug, Jeff and Tom Stott. We arrived around 10 and our first event, the mile, was run around 11:30 or so. It was hard. A lot harder than I imagined. I personally haven't run indoors in about 7 years, so the turns were particularly challenging. My first 200 was slow and that set the pace; I couldn't pick it up and wound up running a disappointing 5:09. Jeff was a few seconds up and Alex finished 7th in 4:55. The winners were 4:20. Tom Stott and Doug Ripley weren't far behind me, so we were all in the same range.

Barf then decided to do the long jump, which was entertaining to watch, and then Jeff, Tom and Alex jumped in the 800 because the meet seemed like it was never going to end. Alex made a bold move for the lead on the 3rd lap, but some old guy held him off. The 3 were within a few seconds of each other.

Finally, 7 hours after arriving, we were able to run our final event, the 3200. Maurice was there and wanted to do a 3k, so Alex, Maurice and some high school kid did a 3k, with Alex taking the win at 9:54. I was first of the folks that went through the 3200, running a stellar 37 second last 200 to sneak under 11 (10:59.7). Claire was first female through in 13:03 or so, and Barf just ran it, 13:18, then I think he threw up.

Today's lessons: Track meets take a while, so have something else you can do in between events. Maybe even go back to Baltimore, it's really not that far. Remus talks. A LOT. Try not to get stuck talking to him.

Highlights: I ask a lady about signing up for races. She looks at us and just says "whatchu doin? the mile and 2 mile?" Yes, very good and obvious generalization. A guy thought Alex said something in Spanish, so then replied in Spanish, asking if he wanted a cookie. Fresh Prince greatest hits on the car ride down. Barf - anything he does is humorous. Terence, Arjun and Melissa showing up to support!


Joel said...

Some other highlights:

*** Don't forget about DJ Jazzy Jeff
*** Some dude set an American Masters record for High Jumping 6 feet 1 inch a bit of change... He was like 50 years old or something...
*** The enormous (twss) crowd (probably a solid 1500 people +/-).
*** hitting my LJ approach perfect just to go back & mark it as they were winding up the measurement tape.
*** jumping my first 2 attemps a foot behind the board
*** running through my last LJ while alex video recorded the f-up. I'm sure it will be yo-tubed?
*** actually hitting a jump (non official) of 17'4". too bad my legs were about shot by then (the LJ only took 90minutes w/ some 35-40 jumpers)
*** taking a leak on Mr. Daniel M. Snyders parking lot - thanks for the idea Elf.
*** accidentally getting in Mo's way in the last 5-meters as he & alex gritted out a sub 10min 3K. Alex would have out-kicked him anyway but only beat Mo by 1/2 a stride! It must have been that banana you were stroking over and over.
*** reminiscing over Remis' idiocy
*** Getting lapped by just about everyone in the 3200
*** watching an 8 year old kick my ass in the 3200
*** dry heaving after a pretty pathetic 3200
*** seeing everyone out there busting their asses, & the supporters - pretty sick T, Melissa & Arjun came to spectate!
*** T: hey, you gotta keep the juice in the bottle
*** Participating in my second ever indoor meet.
*** That's What She Said

Joel said...

forgot to add:

*** Chatted w/ former olympian high jumper from 1976 (said he cleared like 7'3" or some crap back in the day). He was old as crap & still jumped decent.
*** witnessing amazing race performances all day. The Womens masters champ of every event ever ran a 4:55mile or some bonkers junk.
*** 22+ long jumpers
*** Many 23 second 200's

See you at another one...

RM said...

And another highlight would be the incredibly long list of highlights that you just came up with, including the use of the word "yo"-tube instead of youtube, which I like and will use from now on.

Joel said...

"yo-tube" oops!