Saturday, December 15, 2007

Celtic Solstice

Celtic Solstice held it down again this year, with Falls Road turning out some amazing performances and a ton of PRs. This is the third year I've done the race, the last two years I have run the same exact time (30:56) and finished in the same exact position (47th). I looked at preliminary results today and went to the 47th spot. Guess what the time was? 30:55. Pretty remarkable. I actually raced this year and was fairly pleased with the result. Dave collected his 5th win of the season, racing to nearly the same time he ran last year when he was "in shape". Next up was Big Steve Levin, the old man, who flew past us like it was nothing just after the first mile I think and finished at 28:00. Sick. Especially for a guy who didn't think he would break 30.

Next up was the remnants of our sick pack. Arjun and Alex jumped in at the last second and joined myself, Kris and Brennan in the gnarly pack that rolled the first mile in a quick 5:37. The next two mile markers were clearly off, but we were all running together until about mile 3. Alex then made a move, and Kris, Brennan and I were together til just about 4. Then I got gapped by them, and was just trying to hold on. The crowd support was great, and even I was amazed at how many people kept shouting me out on course!

I finished up at 29:07, not quite a season best but a lot better than I thought I could have finished, and Kris was 28:49 (PR) and Brennan was 28:56 (maybe PR??). Alex, although unofficial, ran a PR, coming through at 28:40. Whatever he's been doing is working. And Mellow Mike pulled out a 29:30 - also a huge PR! Great job. The rest of you seemed to be clowning around today, except for my cousin Emily who murdered 9 minute pace en route to a great 45:58.

The temp was cold, but wasn't too bad to run in. Later in the day it feels much colder without the sun. All can agree the race went off well, we appreciate everyone who came out to cheer and to volunteer (Melissa, Claire, Chrissie, Barf, Kip, to name a few). Kris made us pancakes after, and then I got a Christmas tree. It will liven up our awards night on Monday.

So it's a busy couple of days - tonight is Alex's party, 9 pm down at 1541 S. Hanover. Don't forget to wear your holiday sweater. Also, it's a Festivus for the rest of us! Monday is Awards Night, 8 pm at my house (3903 Fleet). Tuesday is the runners' social at Cross St Market, 7-9:30 pm $20 @ the door all you can eat/drink.

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