Monday, December 17, 2007

BRRC 2008 Racing Schedule

Many of you may be unfamiliar with the Baltimore Road Runners Club. Once upon a time this was the premier running group in the area. It rivaled the might Howard County Striders and had membership in the many hundreds, if not more. Over time, leadership changed and efforts to keep the group going started waning, to the point where people who lived in the city were heading elsewhere (e.g. HoCo Striders). Membership hit rock bottom, and I think finally they are trying to revitalize this group and bring their numbers back up.

Of course, we don't really help that because we've gone off and formed our own faction, but honestly there aren't any runners, at least that I'm aware of, in our range for the most part at BRRC.

Regardless of the group, they put on some pretty decent races and many are very low key, which is awesome. Jim usually does them, Jan as well. And more importantly they put on races in the winter, when no one else seems willing to do so. Some have minor entry fees ($4-$6) and that is what running is all about. Not only that, but they put on some different distance races, perfect for PRs. Here's a link to their 2008 schedule:

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