Wednesday, October 31, 2007

TNT #28 - October 30, 2007

Final Track Practice of the year!

As the track season came to a close last night, it was nice to see so many people out there. Of course, most were dressed down or cited races this weekend as to why they were not participating! Just kidding, it helped reinforce the fact that we need some time off from interval work. It was funny seeing Kris, Chrissie and Barf in jeans, and Chris and Doug ready to run but not (NYC Marathon and an XC race this weekend, respectively). Terence kind of jumped in, and Jim and I both did a half-ass workout, while Arjun helped pace Kyle to some pretty gnarly late-season times around the oval. Emily did her workout too.

The workout was 1600-1200-800-400-400-400 with 3:00, 2:30, 2:00, 1:30, 1:30 rest. Kyle did an extra 800 in there. Not a bad workout for him, 3.5 miles of intervals.

The temperature was quite cool, maybe in the mid 50s, and the light was non-existent. We warmed up down the trail but absolutely had to come home on the road (Cold Spring to Roland).

So 7 months of Tuesday Night Workouts, we had almost 50 different people show up throughout the season, but averaged around 13 each week I think. We'll come up with a way to make 2008 even better, starting with early season tempo runs at Meadow Wood and more hill workouts before jumping on the track. We're still figuring out the winter schedule, I like my Wednesday Night Run, but I know Arjun/Alex are going to do their Thursday Night Run down in Fed Hill, so I would be willing to move mine to Tuesday (keeping the night consistent with workouts). It'll get figured out over the next few weeks, for now just get through the end of the season and then take some time off! Great job everyone and thanks for making TNT a success this year!

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