Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hot Off the Presses - Runner Rankings!

While I was at the Store today (notice I capitalized Store, which means I am referring to FRR) I picked up a copy of the Washington Running Report. It appears to be a brand new issue, and it has the regional runner rankings for our little Mid-Atlantic area (VA, DC, MD, PA, WV maybe). No surprise but a couple members of our group made it onto the board:

Open Male

2. Kipchirchir Bitok (don't let the name "John" fool you, this is his alter ego)
6. Dave Berdan

Open Female

4. Phebe Ko
6. Christine Ramsey

I don't want to incriminate Lee's age, but she was in there at #2 for her age group, and I will say that she is at the upper border of the group and was beating women many years younger. Next year she'll probably be #1 in her new AG.

They made a couple cool mentionings of Kip and Dave, and apparently Kip was pretty close to snatching up the #1 overall position but his 14:45 at Bay Cafe was just off the mark he needed to hit to take out Abraha Asefa or whatever his name is. Ezykas Sisay, whom we have seen in action a few times, was 3rd.

Also, there is a picture of Joel Brusewitz in there in the section with race results from Philly Distance Run. Joel must have an admirer because I thought that was weird that they had his pic in there and his name, but then didn't include him in the "top local" results. They actually cut off top local results at 1:13:00 for PDR, so Joel was outside of that anyway, but they did neglect to catch Ben's performance. So if you can get a copy of the WRR, check it out! Same information is probably online at www.runwashington.com (also a great source for results if you didn't already know).

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