Thursday, November 1, 2007

I'd Like to Comment

First off, I can not wait for this Saturday in NY where Ben, Mike, Chris, and the Christine Ramsey will throw down. It's going to get crazy folks.

Second, I don't mind the idea of running Monday Fed Hill, Wednesday Canton, and Thursday Hills as long as people man up and come to all three. The point of Thursday is to do a solid run and then cruise some hills as strength training. If Wednesday does not get too crazy I think it would make for a good tough winter, and give us a solid base. We can always get moving on Monday runs if people need/would like a faster day. That being said I am up for whatever plan induces the most number of people to participate.

Good Luck to everyone running this weekend.


Arjun Majumdar said...

I suppose I meant "It's going to get crazy folks," my bad.

RM said...

Yeah Saturday is going to be off the chain!

I don't really care whether Canton run is Tuesday or Wednesday, for me, I use Thursday as a really hard ride so only with rare exception would I personally be at Thursday Night Run. The Canton run is going to be my hard run during the week, so if that were on Tuesday, I would run Monday easy (like I have been) and whoever came out on Tuesday could come back on Thursday for the South Baltimore run. Or, you all could use Monday as a quicker run and then just do Thursday as the second hard run.

Either way we have some time to figure it out - I plan on running the next few Wednesdays but I'm not running them a lot faster than 7 pace, which would just be a normal run for you guys.

kris said...

i plan on doing all three. i think i prefer wed. over tues., but am fine with either. all i know is that i plan on being crazy strong by the spring and then ALL SHALL FEEL MY WRATH!!!1! oh, um... did i say that out loud?