Wednesday, October 24, 2007

TNT #27 - October 23, 2007

That Brian, always a joker. In many ways I am glad I did not race on Sunday because my sciatic probably would have hurt so bad that I couldn't have sat on the plane for 9 hours. It really wasn't that big of a deal, if I had wanted to do well obviously I wouldn't have gone out til 4 am the night before and eaten a groot and a klein falafel while Brian ate something disgusting from the Febo (see also: food dispenser that is in the wall of a building).

Anyway it was good to see him and we did come up with a significant number of fun new games that we are going to patent. My favorite is going to be the Home Alone style board game of Anne Frank, where Anne has to hide and set booby traps for the Nazis. It'll be a best seller in Germany at least.

Back to reality, and we're almost there! Yesterday marked the 27th week of TNT, and next week will be our last official practice. The nice thing about this year is that we had more people in our penultimate week than last year. In 2006 it was just me and Terence running 600s and 300s in the rain. This year we had 16 people at the track (not everyone was doing the workout) and the weather was a balmy 78 degrees or so. The workout was short:

3 x (400-800-400) with 60sec, 90sec and 2min recovery, respectively, after each.

So it still turned out to be a 3 mile workout, short by this year's standards, but it didn't make it any easier.

A couple of items of business that I will start to bring up include, but are not limited to, the following:

1) USA Club XC Nationals, Dec 7 in Ohio
2) Winter running schedule
3) Winter racing schedule

The last two years we have typically met on Wednesdays from Canton Square for a decent run. We usually do this from late November until end of March. It kind of replaces TNT. We also started meeting last year on the weekends for long runs at Patapsco. I intend to start to bring both of these back in the next couple of weeks. My hope is to turn the Wednesday run into somewhat of a tempo run, maybe including some work in Patterson Park, Federal Hill hill repeats, etc. I know Arjun and Alex have some incline that they plan on doing repeats up on Thursdays also.

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