Monday, October 1, 2007

Bull Run Reunion Run

This, my friends, is what running is all about. It's why we run. It's who we are. The Bull Run Reunion Run represents our sport better than any event I can think of. There is no cost to do this race, which features runners just running around some fields in a very hilly area of Maryland at a local high school. It lacks the panache of a classic cross country course, and the speed and flow of any course that you may have run before, so it keeps it real.

The best part of this race for me is seeing our group toe the line amidst hundreds of high schoolers and demonstrate that running is forever. The highlights of the race were obvious. The weather was markedly better than last year's cool, drizzly conditions. The temperature was in the mid to upper 70s, sun was strong, and the course was dry and dusty. Kipchirchir kept our Falls Road winning streak alive, and in the process he eclipsed BG's "meet record" time of 16:39 from last year. Kip ran, we believe, 15:59, which is only one of a couple times anyone has ever run under 16 minutes on the challenging 3 mile course. After the race, 4 girls ran up to Kip and asked him to sign their arms. One even asked him to sign her baby, when she has one. I have never wanted to help give someone a baby so bad in my life, too bad she was very young.

Kris Simms was next to cross the line for Team TWSS, in a stellar 18:13 I think. I say "I think" because results are not yet posted on their website. Jeff followed, and I was just behind in 18:55ish. Doug was just behind me, so we put 4 across in just under a minute. I can't remember where everyone finished after that, but Scotty put in a great performance, as did Will and Coach Chad, and Jim Adams was faster than last year I think. Barf, who went out fast as a joke, faded over the last 2.75 miles, but still had fun. Finally, my little sister Beez Nuts aka Meghan, down for the previous night's Orioles vs Yankees game, donned the team singlet and raced. All in all it was a great afternoon, I think we showed the youngsters a thing or two, and just think if the people that raced last year (BG, Mike, Joel, LT, Andy, Zack, Brita, etc) had all been there. The only two from last year were me and Jeff.

Of course, the race only represented a small portion of the day's activities. When we got home (at this point it was 80 and phenomenal) it was time for duckpin bowling on Eastern Ave. That was a blast, and we had a great group of people there for that, dressed in their Mexi-attire. Then it was the real party time at mi casa, which turned out to be another great party. Thanks to Emily and Bryan Brown for again hosting this year's soiree, or should I say suarez?

In other racing news, Dave Berdan won his heat at the Paul Short Invite on Friday (very big college xc invitational) in a stellar time of sub25 minutes, and is racing this coming weekend at the Steamtown Marathon, hoping to run the requisite time of <2:22

The first link is to the page for results, when they're posted. The 2nd link is to an article on NYTimes from the other day about how much size matters in determining success in certain sports. And I'm not talking about size in the Johnson department (that's what she didn't say). The third link will take you directly to a video from the Reunion Run. It is 7:21 and the music is awful so just watch with the sound off. It's not great, but it's cool to see everyone run by a few times in a few different places. My favorite part is when the douchebag cuts clear across the field in the first 200 meters and cuts off Kip.


kris said...

while reading that article, i just kept thinking "miguel indurain. also, i love that the "fat" marathoners are my size. i'll have to get working on that eating disorder.

gladfelter said...

Ryan, not sure how you found the camera but a sweet thumbs up about 5:30 into the video.

I love how the first clip has kip/me, each subsequent clip there are more and more before i get there, haha! RABBIT!!!

RM said...

I was actually giving the thumbs up to my friend Eric Benjamin, who was on the course. I had no idea there was a camera there. Stealth. Then you see Eric jump into the race when Will Knox and Chad Boyle run by.