Monday, October 22, 2007

A Renaissance

So I just got back from Amsterdam and realized that I just inadvertently took a week off from running. I ran Monday and Tuesday of last week, then swam on Wednesday, and left that evening. My intention was to run everyday I was away, but Thursday I was exhausted from my 35 hours of awakedness, and then Friday was a busy day in the 'Dam. Saturday came and again, no motivation to run, as Brian, my friend Kristin and I toured the city. Sunday's intention was to race, but apparently everyone thought I was "kidding" about doing the half, and as a result I didn't want to mess up everyone else's day by running the race, which didn't start until 2 pm.

It was too bad, too, because the weather was ideal for a half and I probably could have placed really well. Brian/Kip/Kyle/Dave could have won the race. The marathon was much quicker, with the winner running 2:06:29. So I did not race, and did not run at all. It was also freezing cold. Then I get back here tonight and it is about 75 degrees and felt magnificent.

I've now decided that since I took a straight up week off, and feel like garbage from all the crappy food I ate, I can now start my fall/winter training for 2008. I will be at the track tomorrow but will likely not participate in the workout. I also intend on being at the park on Friday for a run, and this weekend is a no-race weekend so I plan on going out and also running a fair bit. For the next month and a half at least I will be running slow, getting in my precious base miles that will help me through next year's races, and it will also give my leg a chance to actively recover, since it still is bothering me.

I'll see you all at the track tomorrow - rain or shine!

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