Wednesday, October 17, 2007

TNT #26 - October 16, 2007

Our string of good weather continued last night, as temperatures lent themselves to some fast times around the track. It certainly didn't make our effort any easier, as it was RELAY night at Gilman.

We had 10 people participating in the relays, so we did 5 teams of two for three events. First was the Distance Medley Relay (substituting an 800 for the 400). Team Kyle (Kyle and Chris) stormed to an easy victory in something like 12:44. Basically it was faster than most high school girls teams can run (assuming an additional 70 seconds for the extra 400). Next up was the 4x800, so each relay member did 2 800s. Again it was Team Kyle who proved victorious, even with his two 1200 legs and a mere 400 break in between. The evening's final event was the 4x400, which again was captured by Team Kyle in a 4:17 or something. This was definitely a hard workout, different from the longer, stomach-turning workouts of the summer. This workout was more the lactic acid inducing kind, because the rest was decent, just the times were faster. The 4x4 was tough because there was only about a minute in between intervals.

Four of us wore headbands, Kris, Justin, T and myself. The rest of you suckers better remember yours next time!

So the temp was in the low 70s/high 60s, air was still but a little dry. All in all it was a great night for track!

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