Friday, October 5, 2007

It's Business Time

That's right, this weekend is business time. Send out some positive vibes on Sunday morning as our good friends Kyle and Dave Berdan each make a pass at a sub 2:22 race (Chicago and Steamtown, respectively). Also let's give it up for Steve Levin, who runs with us on Fridays and will be looking for a sub 2:50 at Chicago. I just saw a "weather advisory" on their website, as temperatures are expected to be around 82. Fortunately this will actually be cooler than what we've faced the last few weeks, so it's apples to apples.

Take a look at this article Emily sent me from the Baltimore Sun. Not really an article worth reading, for the most part, because 99% of people are pansies, but it's fun because Jim has a quote in there!,0,2114626.story?page=1

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gladfelter said...

Berdan got 2nd in an awesome display. Saw him at mile 7.7 in 9th place, running with a clenched grin! Barely saw him at 16 as he almost outran me in my car...Again he was flying. Great job Dave