Tuesday, October 9, 2007

TNT #25 - October 9, 2007

Was this really October 9th? If you read the thermometer correctly today, you would have thought it was July 9th, as the mercury hit 96 degrees, according to my car and my watch.

We had a huge group tonight, which was great to see for this late in the season. 18 people showed up, and it was a nice light workout leading up to this weekend's races. Extended warmup down the trail followed by 6-8 x 400 (which wound up turning into 6x400 and then an 800). It was all done on 3:00, so whatever you ran for the 400 you had until 3:00 as your recovery. The temperature was great on the track, the wind started to pick up towards the end and we narrowly escaped a quick little storm.

A couple notes leading up to this weekend's big event - The Baltimore Marathon. Or should I say, The Under Armour Baltimore Marathon. Arjun, Lee and Jan are running the marathon (Jan has run all 7, one of a select group to do so) and there are a few set to run the half, 5k and marathon relay. I think almost everyone is involved in some way. We had an unfortunate snafu with registering for the relay event (closed out about two weeks ago and I didn't know). Marathon starts at 8, 5k at 8:30 and Half at 9:45. I'll be there and not running, so if you need me to hang onto anything, let me know.

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