Wednesday, October 3, 2007

TNT #24 - October 2, 2007

Again with the amazing weather, again with a solid group for the workout. It certainly didn't feel like October last night, and hard to believe it's already here. Just a few days til Chicago/Steamtown, another week and change til Baltimore, and a few weeks out from Marine Corps and NYC. Things are really ramping up!

Last night's workout was relatively short by our monster standards, but it did the trick. You shouldn't be too sore today and that's the idea - we want to be as fresh as possible as we get into these races. Just a little something to keep the legs going.

4x800 with 90sec rest
4x400 with 90sec rest
4x100 striders barefoot on the turf

We had two newcomers last night; Anastasia and Troy, who lives pretty far away in Pennsylvania but heard about our workout I guess and showed up. He was pretty fast, I wish he was around more often!

Additionally, I sent an email to the 13 interested parties for the Marathon Relay team. With these numbers we will certainly be able to fill 3 teams, and chances are they'll be extremely competitive. To reiterate the deal, the cost is $55 per person for a team total of $220. I have just asked for definite responses to me (yes or no, doesn't matter) by the weekend, so I can finalize teams and place someone in charge of registering each squadron. Everyone gets a shirt, a medal, and more importantly the whole post race shibang, including beer and massages for FREE.

The race starts at 8 am, the legs vary in distance from about 6 miles to 7.3 being the longest I think. The third and fourth legs have to take a bus to get to their destination, and then the 3rd leg runner can also take the bus back. Or, really, since we're all runners, can probably run back. At least you know you're not more than 7 miles away. Just a long cooldown!

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