Wednesday, August 29, 2007

TNT #19 - August 28, 2007

A quick recap of the last month of workouts:

We did some brutal hills at Robert E. Lee, then we did a gnarly 8x1000 with a paltry 1:00 in between each (on a very hot day). The week after that was a strength workout, 3x2mile at MILF Park aka Meadow Wood. Last week was another pretty long one - 8-8-16-8-8-16-8-8.

So when we lined up last night 9 meters behind the normal starting line, it had to be much easier than the last few weeks, right? After all, we were only doing 4 miles of interval work. As we found out 6418 meters later, it wasn't that easy. The workout, which consisted of a hard mile, followed by a 3200m tempo, and topped off with another hard mile, was, again, one of the hardest workouts we've ever pulled off. Some of the highlights were Kip's 4:28 and 4:29 miles, Arjun's extra mile and how about Kyle's 3x3mile workout? I'll say it again, it is definitely among the most competitive track practices anywhere I've ever seen.

The weather was great last night, we had 16 people out there running, including my cousin rocking her fastest mile ever and putting in a solid 3200. Everyone gets faster at track!


simmskris said...

each week i'm freshly shocked that anyone (well just me actually) can finish these workouts. anyone running patapsco on friday?

RM said...

Oh shoot I forgot to post about that - as much as I hate to not be there on Fridays for any reason, I am going to be up in NJ until Sunday night. Barf isn't running, but don't let it stop someone from going to keep up the tradition!