Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Running Links of the Day

Brian sent this, unfortunately I can't read it. What are they calling you in this article? Can you translate it? Did you speak German to them, or did they translate?

This is a great website I just saw for the first time, it does a good job at compiling comprehensive results just by searching your name. It found a few races for me I forgot I even did, and certainly haven't seen the results for in a few years. Didn't find all 25 races I did last year though, but had a couple from 2001 and 2002:

Brian is running a race tomorrow, Thursday, results can be found at the following site under the title or link to "letzte ergebnisse" or just "ergebnisse"

Bernard Lagat won the 1500m title today at the World Championships in what was a great race to watch. Alan Webb ran strong, but faded to 8th in the end. This weekend is going to be great, too bad I'll be up in NJ at the beach (of course I'll wind up watching track cause I'm gay like that).

Finally don't forget tomorrow is the Date Auction at Mad River!

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