Tuesday, August 28, 2007

2008 Races

Although it seems like a ways off, it is unfortunately never too early to start thinking about races for next year. Your run of the mill 10ks and marathons usually shouldn't sell out this far in advance, but if you're setting your sights on one of the bigger events in the US or elsewhere in the world, I bet registration has already opened, and in some cases may already be sold out!

I decided the other day that I was going to look into the London Marathon (13 April 2008). I figured it's a good time of year, about 7 weeks ahead of my Half Ironman but not too early in the spring that I would have to do serious long runs in January. I looked at the London website today and all 10,000 online spots have been filled. Now I believe that this race holds more than that, but apparently I have to request a entry form from Sports Tours International in order to register as an overseas participant.

Of course, I've already registered for Eagleman (8 June 2008) and that registration is already closed, and I am going to have to decide fairly soon if I'll go with an ITC branded Ironman (which will sell out within 2 hours of opening) or go with a smaller race which may allow me more flexibility in registering. But a look ahead at some other races that we've keyed in on, when they are, what they're about may be a good idea to assist in some planning. As my boss always says, "plan your work and work your plan."

February: 8 Tuff Miles, St. John, USVI. Travicon did this race this year, and did pretty well. Allegedly there is a guy who continue to win year after year without a real challenge. There are a couple of meager prizes, but it would really be a vacation race.

May: Columbia Triathlon. There aren't many of you that this affects, but if you have any desire to do this race, registration opens in September and closes out earlier and earlier each year.

July: Peachtree 10k, ATL, 4th of July. This is a race that must hold some sort of record for most number of slow people ever. It's a super competitive race held in typically muggy conditions in Atlanta every July 4th. Oh, and you'll be running alongside 60,000 of your closest, smelliest runner friends.

July: Boilermaker 15k, NY. Another race that sets numbers records. Lots of people, good competition. One of the races that everyone should do at some point.

There are a few others we've keyed in on that we want to do over the next few seasons:

Carlsbad 5000, Carlsbad, California. Fastest Road 5k in the world.
Bolder Boulder 10k, Boulder, Colorado. Another vastly enormous race, very quick
Falmouth Road Race, Massachusetts. Might be missing an S somewhere in there, but it's a highly competitive 7.4 mile race or something.

Also there are a number of marathons that take some finesse to get into - NYC, Chicago, etc. But if you're not looking to do a big race like that you probably won't need to register until closer to race day. In addition to the big name races, there are so many quality races that offer competitors a completely unique experience. Look into a trail marathon, a destination marathon, a wacky distance - something you don't get to do all the time!

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