Sunday, August 26, 2007

Annapolis Ten Miler

If this race had been run yesterday I think a thousand people would have been treated for exhaustion. Not that the race conditions were favorable today, but they were markedly improved from yesterday's sufferfest of humidity and excessive heat. Runners were at least treated today to a modest cloud cover until after the race.

Our posse had a few representatives, most notably Ben Ingram, who placed 8th and was one of only a handful of folks under one hour today on the challenging 10 mile course through our state's capital. And did I mention that he did this not more than a few hours after tying the knot with his fiance?! Crazy, I don't know how he even got up this morning.

Our newcomer Steve Levin killed it as well, running a strong 1:02 and some change. Based on his form at the end of the race I'd say a 2:45 marathon or better is well within his reach! Travicon was back in action after a new baby and some plaguing ailment that has curtailed his heavy duty training, and ran a solid 1:05. Other finishers were Rodney Taylor, who must do secret training to keep his form sharp, and Jan Cook, who put in another spectacular performance.

Not to be outshined, among our other finishers were Jim Adams, Pete Mulligan and Brita Grothe, who overcame some severe dehydration to cross the line - what a trooper!

Philly Distance Run! As you know, PDR is Sunday, September 16th. As a big event, you have to pick up your stuff the day before in Philadelphia. I'm going to get a hotel room, and depending on the number of folks heading up to this we can certainly try and get a few or just cram a bunch into one or something. I am more than happy to drive up, but I'll probably leave early Saturday to stop in Delaware to watch my sister's XC race, then go to Philly and do the damn thang. Please let me know by Tuesday if you're interested in hotel arrangements.

Make a Wish Foundation Date Auction: This Thursday, August 30th, I'll be part of a date auction at Mad River in Federal Hill. Starts at 7 pm, $5 cover gets you a drink and discounted drinks all night. Make sure you come out and support me so I don't look like an a-hole.

Bay Cafe 5k: This race is a week from tomorrow, Labor Day Monday. Flat and fast, you should all look into doing it. Whoever does it is exempt from the next day's workout.

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