Tuesday, August 21, 2007

TNT #18 - August 21, 2007

Now that I'm on the sidelines it is quite impressive to watch the improvement from week to week. Tonight was certainly no exception, as everyone ran the workout to perfection. Honestly, in my 12+ years of competitive running I don't think I've ever seen a group of people actually do the workout as it was intended. As much as I'm disappointed that I am not able to run these workouts, it really is fun yelling a lot and taking splits. I've taken the last two weeks and put all the splits into an Excel spreadsheet and will be emailing that to you after I finish this.

This week's workout was another long one:

800-800-1600-800-800-1600-800-800; 90 seconds rest after the 800s, 2:00 after the 1600s

Of course if you were Kyle you did an additional 1600 at the end, capping a serious day on the track! I was originally going to try and award an "MVP" for the day, but looking through the times it was going to be impossible to do that. I'll just mention that the 13 of you that were on the track all put your best feet forward and killed that workout. It's great to see everyone pushing each other, and even better that we have a couple of groups that are closely packed. This season of track practices has gone so much better than last year, and last year's fall race results were great - so I'm excited to see what can happen in the months to come!

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kipchirchir said...

Could this be attributed to the strength gained from doing hill workouts and long tempos a few weeks back? KIp thinks so and I also agree.