Monday, July 16, 2007


Look at this. Anybody want to do this? Yes I know the little rockville race is that night. You can do both.

BRRC Sweet Air Trail Race
July 8, 2007 8:30AM
Damn right.

Also, I might like to do this cause I don;t knoe the course. Who might be with me?
The first of three supported group runs will take place on Saturday, July 28, at 7:00 AM, departing from the new park next to the Baltimore Visitors Center in the Inner Harbor. We will be exploring the first half of the Baltimore course on this run, which will go through Reservoir Hill, Bolton Hill, Druid Hill Park, and back down to the start area in the Inner Harbor. The shortest distance will be about 8 miles, the longest supported distance about 14. There are ways to add additional mileage by continuing on the course and then returning, so if you need a 16 or 18 miler that day it will not be a problem, and will be mostly on the course in an out and back fashion.

Do you people see Jeff Rumbough? Where has his ass been? Jeff, are you running something this fall?

Does anybody even read this crap?

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kipchirchir said...

I dont know man, I wouldnt run anything before Rockville 8K if I wanted to do well in that. Plus, the weather in the past for this race has been HOT! Which means you would need to spend the entired day hydrating yourself ...