Wednesday, July 11, 2007

TNT #12 - July 10, 2007

I had to miss my first workout of the season last night, but I heard it was a doozie. Kip was in charge and let me know that 10 people showed up, and that there were some serious storms in the afternoon so that's not a bad turnout.

The intended workout of 16x400 was accomplished by Jeff, but like I said there was no point in killing yourself to do it so I think most people finished up at 12 and then a few at 14. 90 seconds rest in between the intervals "felt like a million years in the beginning but felt like a fraction of a second by the end" according to Kip.

So great job, I'll be back next week. I won't be around this Friday, obviously, but I am going to come back on Saturday evening and Kip and I are going to run long Sunday morning. 2 hours probably at Serengeti National Park (Patapsco), probably starting at 7. Holler.

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