Monday, July 16, 2007

Notes on a Scandal

I don't think anyone will go to the Delaware race, that is a hell of a lot of traveling for two races and Rockville is the biggest event in the area.

I just saw your trail result today, that was pretty good. You need to do marathons though, as you are wasting all those 22 mile runs!

Jeff can't make it to Friday nights and you don't come to Tuesday Night Track, so that's why you haven't seen him.

Don't do a long run on the road! Those supported runs are good I guess but I personally couldn't stomach running that far on the road if I didn't have to.

And finally, and this goes to everyone who reads this, I was disappointed to hear that the Friday run split up again. Course records are nice and all but in the grand scheme of things doesn't mean much - races do. I was mostly annoyed to hear about the broken group because we had a guest from Boston in town and I was hoping the group would be kind enough to run together at a chill pace. The Friday run was born two years ago and it was originally me, Mike Prada, Brian Godsey, Jake and Matt Adami. Every week we ran to wash away the stress of the week, and we ran as far and as fast as the slowest person that day. The group never split. It's just not even fun to have a hard run where everyone is split up and no one is talking. That is what Tuesday Track is for. If you feel the need to do an additional workout, Thursdays or Saturdays are great for that.

I'm not saying don't run fast if you that's what you want to do on Fridays, but since most of you a) don't know what you're training for and b) don't know what you're training for, there isn't much of a need to run a 6 minute pace run in the woods. So from now on if you plan on running quicker than 7 minute pace on Friday runs, announce your intentions prior to the run. If not, I will allow Kip to put everyone into a hole.

That is just something I wanted to vent, as it takes a lot of energy on my part sometimes to organize all these runs and activities and it doesn't always feel like the group dynamic is respected.

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kipchirchir said...

I second that Ryan. I have to say I felt really bad for Andrew, having gone through all the efforts to find out about runners in Baltimore and then to be left in the woods ... UNCOOOOL YO!

I am sure you all know that most of us try our best to see that we make it to Friday runs at 5:00pm. I look forward to them because I know they are fun and I get to go run with those I dont usually run with, regardless of whether it is 7min pace or 10 min pace. If one of us is not feeling well, heck I will slow down for them.

Splitting up during these runs defeats the entire purpose of having a group run on Friday! We can do better than that people.