Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Story Time

Out on my long run this week I discovered a most peculiar fellow. About six miles into the Green Mountain National Forest lives a hermit named Jamie. He lives in a blue, hand made, geodesic hut with no running water save a stream near by. He has a small generator to run lights but he said he never uses them. There are no roads to Jamie's house only a small trail that I discovered this week.

Interestingly enough Jamie ran cross country at University of Puget Sound and is now practicing being a hermit and sustainable lifestyles. I can't wait to see how he sustains in December. I actually have seen him in town a few times when he buys supplies and then hikes them back into the woods. He said he didn't mind me running by his house because he is squatting on the land anyway and he likes runners (hopefully not because they are tasty).

In other news I propose we do a relay like hood to coast or the Colorado relay.

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