Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Der Wunderkind

Bongiorno, mi scusi...

Look at this nonsense. I can't believe we know this clown sometimes. But he razzle-dazzles us nevertheless.

Ohio's own Baltimore Godsey, formerly of Baltimore and now of Austria, raced backwards to a new course record in a 3 kilometre (chilometro I think in Italian) race in Italy last week. They call him the retrorunner, and indeed he does throw it back to the old school. I have attached some links for an article (unfortunately in Italian) and some pics.


This was an actual backwards race, so all competitors were running, well, backwards. I can understand the principle of the article, which says that Brian set a new course record in 11:38 (roughly a 12:24 3200m, so 6:12ish pace). He beat his previous best, and the old course record, of 11:54, set in 2004. Here's what BG had to say about the effort:

"Anyway, I was 13 seconds from a new WR, but I'm going to say that going to the Metallica concert and being up until 2am two nights before the race was not a good idea. I may head to Germany to make an attempt with the guy who organized the record attempts for the guy(asshole) who beat my records."

Great job FBG, Famous, BFG, whatever we'll call you today, you made us proud. Here is the link to the pictures section, it's a little cumbersome. Scroll down a little to 07.07.2007 Poviglio, then it says something about Gambero d'Oro and Retrorunning. Click on that picture. Then click on the album that says 156 files. There are some pictures in there.



Johnnie Cochran said...

I cannot even express how fantastically gay BFG looks(the f is for fag).

fbg said...

Thanks buddy. You look wonderfully hetero yourself. How many times has that hermit dude stuck it to you?