Monday, July 16, 2007

I read it too!

Yea, thats right, I do. Course record or no course record, I think we all agree that it was wrong to invite Andrew to run with us on Friday, only to leave him in the woods! Right?

Here's my response to Ryan's previous post.

I second that Ryan. I have to say I felt really bad for Andrew, having gone through all the efforts to find out about runners in Baltimore and then to be left in the woods ... UNCOOOOL YO!

I am sure you all know that most of us try our best to see that we make it to Friday runs at 5:00pm. I look forward to them because I know they are fun and I get to go run with those I dont usually run with, regardless of whether it is 7min pace or 10 min pace. If one of us is not feeling well, heck I will slow down for them.

Splitting up during these runs defeats the entire purpose of having a group run on Friday! We can do better than that people.

We have shown the world that we are Baltimorons ...

If you wanna run fast, come to tomorrow's workout. Ryan has line this up for us


I may be looking at doing additional longer rep after these.

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