Tuesday, July 17, 2007

TNT #13 - July 17, 2007

What an awesome night for a workout. Honestly, I would love to race in this weather. Temps in the upper 80s, no humidity (unless you were talking to Lee) and no wind. It was great. We had 15 people on the track tonight, including a couple of new faces which was good to see.

The workout was short time-wise, but was tough nonethless. That's what happens when you cram 6k of intervals into just 4 repeats. Recovery time in parentheses.

2000 (2:30)
1000 (2:00)
2000 (2:30)

I'm glad that we stuck to the recovery times, of course Kyle and Ben were getting a little more since they were quite a bit ahead. By the end most of the group was together. Like I said, it was getting tough.

Note for those racing in Saturday's Rockville Twilight 8k:

If you are looking to carpool in some way, shape or form, show up at 6 pm to the Falls Road Running Store in Mt. Washington area. You'll form a caravan there. Like I said, I will not be in attendance, so don't expect to see me there.

Those competing are: Kip, Dave, Ben, Joel Brusewitz, Kris, Jeff, Terence + 2 guests, Chrissie, Phebe, Julie - have I forgotten anyone? I don't think I have. Have a great time, somebody PLEASE make Chrissie eat orange peels off the ground, and race well. Even though I never have good races there I'm upset that I'll be missing out on this annual rite of summer. I will not, however, miss driving the smelly Moroccan that got 3rd or 4th last year, to the race.

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