Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Blue Moon Run - Friday 6/1

As I've mentioned no less than thirty times already, this Friday is the Blue Moon Run up at the NCR Trail. It is a non-competitive event, but you still have to register if you plan on running. I think it's $10 or $15 on race evening. That's right, evening. The run doesn't start until 10 pm. The reason for the run is that on Thursday night there is a blue moon (which represents the second new moon in the same month or something). Runners are not allowed to run with any sort of light source, so no flashlights or headlamps - just the light from the moon.

Jim just emailed me with the registration statistics, which are fairly promising for all the dudes out there. 56% of registrants are female so far, which accounts for 200 of the nearly 400 registered.

My plan for Friday is to run at Patapsco (Rolling Road trailhead) at 5, doing the 11 mile loop. After that I probably won't go all the way home, but might stop somewhere to clean up and then I propose we meet at Chipotle in that Hunt Valley shopping area off Shawan Rd around 8. We can eat Chipotle and then head over to the run, because I want to be there to help Jim if he needs anything. Then after the run is over it is party time in the parking lot.

As an FYI there isn't much parking at the NCR lot, so it probably is a good idea to carpool where you can, or at least meet at Chipotle and then we'll carpool over.

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