Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sweet Run For This Sunday

I am signed up, I am very curious how this race will turn out. Last years winner averaged about 7:45 minutes per mile but in other years it has been slower. The course gains 3,500 feet over eight miles. Ryan, how does that compare to Alp D'huez? If the talent pool is anything like the other races around here, then I should contend, but this race is in upstate NY so maybe some legit climbers will show up. I'll post results on Monday.


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RM said...

Holy crap! 3500 feet over 8 miles? Well, doing the math (rise/run) puts that at an average gradient of 8%. That's pretty sick. That's on par with Alpe d'Huez both on rise and distance. That climb is 10 miles long but I can't remember the gradient, maybe 8.5-9.5%? Good luck!