Friday, May 2, 2014

Girls Chase Boys Chase Girls

Sunday was a day for the ages down on Rockville Pike! One of the largest crews of Baltimorons benefited from terrific conditions as a slight tailwind sent runners screaming down 355 from Rockville to White Flint. Or, as everyone who lives there calls it: "Bethesda"

Conrad Laskowski continued his domination of the DC-area racing scene as he was the first caucasoid finisher and 7th overall in a new personal best of 30:22. Dustin Meeker slid under 31 minutes with a 30:59 clocking. Andy Sovonick has found the key to success recently and ran a tremendous race, finishing at 33:29.

Next to cross the line was the top female - Chrissie Ramsey - in a new personal best of 34:41. She finished slightly ahead of Arjun Majumdar (34:59) who was quite ill last week and his racing status was TBD until race morning! From my position in the field I had a good view of the battle that unfolded between Melissa Tanner and Megan DiGregorio. Both donning vivid, pink singlets, I could see them racing nearly stride for stride the entire way. In the final mile, Melissa pulled away and held off Meg D for a 35:56 to 36:03 and the two finished 6th and 7th.

Jon Miller and Cory Donovan both had breakthrough days. Jon ran a very even race, coming through 5k in 18:25 and finishing at 37:09 for a 3 minute personal best. Cory, meanwhile, attacked the race, splitting a 5:24 first mile and coming through 5k under 18 minutes! He held on for dear life as he came through the finish in a new personal best (on his birthday) of 37:27.

Denise Knickman was our final finisher, and anytime that person is under 40 minutes, you know it was a good day! Big D ran 39:24 for 15th overall.

I also heard, well after the fact, that Tarala Majumdar, who had spectated during the 10k, ran her own race!

Then a hearty foursome of Conrad, Andy, Carlos and myself completed the Pike's Peek Double as we ran back to the cars, uphill, into the wind. With Conrad there, it was the fastest I've ever made it back to the car.

We had a couple of other race winners, including Fiana Kumm (Honolulu 5k for Kids) and Emma Jornlin in the Mulligan Half Metric. In that race, Sara Damiano finished 3rd.

Lillian Pinault won the Manor Tavern Oyster Fest 5k. The highlight was them giving out vodka miniatures PRIOR to the race. Let's just say errbody on the run was gettin' tipsy...even the little kids!

At the Port to Fort 6k newcomer Sean Caskey took the win, and Jen Sheely finished 3rd among women! Finally, in the Long Branch Half Marathon, Meghan McGrath cracked 2 hours going 1:58.

Our Purple Drink Athlete of the Week went to Arjun, and we had a NOS Button Award go to Jon Miller for his blazing final 2/10 at Pike's!

Stay tuned for some upcoming fun, including a post-FHR Cinco de Mayo celebration on Monday 5/5, and some other fun events that we've got in the works.

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