Friday, January 24, 2014

Because Ben isn't the only one with a book

Okay, just kidding I didn't write a book. Or turn my blog into a book. I just did an interview.

I know many of you have dabbled in ultras, or thought about dabbling in the ultra world at least. I recently had the chance to do an interview with Doug Hay (aka Rock Creek Runner). He just published an eBook focused on how to transition from road running into the ultra space -- more info can be found here.

It's pretty comprehensive and full of some really neat info. If you download the book you also end up with a discount code for the Bel Monte Races (50mile/50k/25k) in April (and a chance to see yours truly at said event), and there are also 4 audio clip interviews. Somehow I made that cut (along with Mike Wardian....pretty cool).

Happy Running!

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RM said...

1) Awesome to see a few more posts lately from people other than "RM" so thanks Alyssa and Joel!

2) I checked this site out yesterday and the topics and interviewees (like Alyssa, Mike, Francesca) have heaps of experience and for anyone who is thinking about giving a marathon-plus distance event a try this year, a must-read!