Friday, July 12, 2013

The Other Side

This will be brief, just wanted to shout out the AWESOME performances at Wednesday's BRRC Meet of Miles:

In the women's heat, Allison Letourneau didn't let her TNT workout slow her down as she took the win ahead of Sara Breedlove, 5:16.2 to 5:22.8. For Sara B, that's a terrific result. Very speedy! Denise Knickman was 3rd in 6:20.7

In the men's 30-39 heat, Terry Decker-Eagen outran his goal, which according to his wife Molly was 6:40 (she later conceded that she was off by a minute), running a 5:22.9. It would have been real interesting to see him and Sara B in the same heat!

Then it was showtime, the big boys, the spicy enchiladas...(???)

In the open heat it was the Dustin Meeker show. Dustin has been preparing for an attack of the shorter track distances this summer, and while he was disappointed with his winning effort of 4:31.3 (4 seconds faster than 2012), I think that's a pretty solid start to a short distance race season. Don't throw in the towel just yet Dusty! Wait until Ivan Drago kills you first. Little Timmy Burn Burns was 2nd in 4:36.4 (9 seconds faster than 2012). His goal - nay, his obligation - was to break 4:40. He accomplished that. This is actually a pretty good time for Tim right now I feel, so good work! Alex Battaglino (or however they spelled his last name) crossed in 3rd at 4:41.8. Jack Flowers came through at 4:44.7 and Louis Foudos, ever consistent, don't know how he does it, pulled a 4:48.5 rabbit out of his hat.

The day's big mover was Joel Gladfelter. Joel ran 4:57.xx on the track in 2011, breaking five minutes for what I believe was the first time. He hasn't been doing much pure speedwork lately as he prepares for a marathon at the end of this month, so when he said he ran 4:51.7 I thought certainly the clock must have been off! But he did, and he ran it the way a mile should be run: 74, 73 (2:27), 72 (3:40/41), 70/71 (4:51). That's pretty much unheard of. Not to be outdone, Joel Brusewitz accomplished something pretty cool when he ran his 4:53.8. Hollywood broke five minutes in the mile for the first time when he was 13. Now, over 20 years later, he has done it at least once every year. That's a remarkable achievement and I hope he keeps it going!

Oh and Matty Franco ran 5:01.1. I guess besides the RM award for not breaking 5 he gets extra credit for beating Remus at least.

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