Friday, July 12, 2013

10k across the bay

a few months ago, it was announced that bay bridge 10k is returning next fall, going from sandy point state park to queen anne's county. tomorrow starts a "pre-registration", open to the first 2,500 people. i have no idea what the race will be capped at. unfortunately, they've teamed up with charm city, so it may be pretty expensive. the only way to get this pre-registration is to go to their annapolis store. judging from charm city's history with shamrock 5k, i'm not sure they'll comp any entries for this one. general registration opens november 9, and the race will be november 9, 2014.

i know it's a ways out, but i think we could campaign to make this a great local fall team competition.

more info here

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RM said...

In fairness, I think the event is/was destined to be pretty expensive in the first place - closing the bridge has got to cost a pretty penny