Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Saturday trail run

Ill pick up the slack in Dusty's absence. This may not be of interest to those who are used to running sub-6 minute pace on the ncr trail, but I am going to out at patapsco on Saturday for about 3 hours if anyone wants to join. The pace will be chill (steady but chill). I will start at the rolling road trailhead around 8am.


RM said...

Thanks for putting this up here Harv. This actually is up my alley so I'll let you know a bit later in the week if I'm in. My achilles has been a bit wonky so I've got to see how it plays out over the next few runs.

rharve1 said...

Hows your Achilles? Are you in for tomorrow? I should add that the loop I had in mind is very easy to cut short around 1.5hrs, or 2:15.