Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fat Tuesdays with Morrie

That would be a pretty good "Before and After" on Wheel of Fortune...

As winter continues, we saw most people opt for workouts this weekend instead of racing. But, there were some performances that I'd like to highlight:

Steve Wancowicz ran the Mid Maryland Ultra 50k, brought to you by Bullseye Running. While Matt Barresi shattered the Course Record, Steve did a little hack job on his own personal goal. He hoped to break 6:30, but ended up breaking 6 hours, running 5:55.

Out in Utah, Collin Anderson ran a 10k in the snow. Tailwind on the way out, headwind on the way back. Managed a 37:07. Here's a pic:

And our final racer of the weekend was Gregory Jubb, who finished 9th, and managed to beat all the girls, in the Love the Run You're With 5k in NoVA. His time of 17:16 is not very good, but I awarded him the Purple Drink Athlete of the Week anyway because sometimes the first step is the hardest. Way to get back in the game, Jubbster!

Cumulatively I think there were about a thousand miles run on Saturday as a big group went to Columbia and put in work on the Club Challenge course, while a bunch of dudes hammered each other (whoa - not that way) on the NCR Trail on Sunday.

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Dan said...

What happens on the NCR trail stays on the NCR trail.