Thursday, February 7, 2013

Episode 5: Exercises for Knee Health

In this video, we begin to touch on THE SQUAT.  We'll start this by demonstrating some more hip strengthening exercises.  I want you to understand the relationship between your hip-knee-foot and ankle.  The next series of videos will take you thru a progression to improve your knowledge of functional movement.  You want to aim for ~2 "laps" of sidesteps and 2 laps of monsterwalks.  We'll count a lap as 10 steps down and 10 steps back.  For the banded squats, try to get 2-3 sets of 10.  Perform these 2-3x/week on easy-run days.  Post q's below.

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Andy said...

Work it Big Albert, you know what they say about men with flat feet.