Monday, January 28, 2013

That's How We Ball Out

All I see is signs
All I see is dollar signs
Money on my mind
Money, money on my mind

~ Rihanna, "Pour it Up"

The Ravens weren't the only ones taking the weekend easy; there were very few races going on. If you wanted to race this weekend, chances were you were traveling. On the docket were races like the Carlsbad Marathon and Half, and one of our favorites, the Miami Marathon and Half.

Out of curiosity, and habit, I checked results from both and noticed that Bryn Burkholder made the trip to South Beach to run the half in Miami. She finished 97th in 1:41:58 - a great time for early in the season. And since we've raced there before, we know that the warmer temps and humidity make the race deceptively tough!

Bryn's snowbird escape was well-timed as we experienced the coldest temperatures in a few years. Some of you hit the 'mills while others braved the roads, even after some wintry mix iced 'em up. Either way, it's great to see such strong running going on in January. There really are some awesome group runs these days. Wish I could keep up with them!

It goes without saying that Bryn earned this week's Purple Drink Athlete of the Week, but it's worth nothing that Collin Anderson placed 9th at the Salt Lake City Winter Series 5k in 17:33, just 3 days after running a treadmill marathon. He's preparing for the Phoenix Marathon in a few weeks and feels good about the work he's doing.

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